1. Putnam County 4-H Camp 2021 Update

    Apr. 29, 2021

    Putnam County 4-H Camp will be offered this summer!! The dates are July 15th - 17th.

    Here is what you need to know:

  2. 2021 Skillathon Sign-up Link

    May. 10, 2021

    Livestock/Dog Skillathon Judging will be held on Thursday, June 10th from 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM at the Ottawa K of C Hall located at 10759 RD H, Ottawa.

    4-H Skillathon participants will be required to register for a time slot online. This will help maintain attendees in the building as this judging event is large. Youth only will be permitted in the building during the time of judging. Parents are asked to stay in the parking lot please. 

  3. 4-H Newsletter - April/May

    May. 02, 2021

    Hello 4-H Advisors, Parents and Volunteers,

  4. Ractopamine Ban By Pork Processors

    Mar. 09, 2021

    Recent announcements by the US packing industry have indicated, in response to export requirements and consumer feedback, that packing entities will no longer purchase pigs fed Ractopmaine beginning in early 2020. This change will affect the marketability of exhibition swine for many county fairs across Ohio.

  5. Private Pesticide License and Fertilizer Recertification Opportunities for 2021

    Mar. 02, 2021

    Do you still need pesticide recertification for 2020 or 2021? Private and fertilizer applicators whose licenses expired in March 2020 or will expire in March 2021 now have until July 1, 2021 to recertify. Commercial applicators who expired in 2020 now have until July 1, 2021. The deadline for commercial applicators expiring in September 2021 has not changed.

    Pesticide recertification options have expanded for 2021.  Please note that there will be additional programs in neighboring counties as well. Currently, your options for 2021 are:

  6. 2020 Ohio Farm Custom Rates & 2019-2020 Western Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents

    Oct. 06, 2020

    Farming is a complex business and many Ohio farmers utilitze outside assistance for specific farm-related work. Often, having someone else with specialized tools perform a task is more cost effective and saves time. Farm work completed by others is often referred to as "custom farm work". A "custom rate" is the amount agreed upon by both parties to be paid by the custom work customer to the custom work provider.

    Ohio Farm Custom Rates 2020 reports custom rates based on a statewide survey of 377 farmers, custom operators, farm managers, and landowners conducted in 2020.

  7. What is OSU Extension?

    May. 06, 2020

    Just what is it that we all do and why we all do it every day! Click here to view a short informational video on "What is OSU Extension?" Hope you find it helpful.