October 22, 2021 - 9:34am -- meyer.524@osu.edu

2022 4-H market beef/dairy steer exhibitors are required to pick up EID Tags from the Extension Office between now and December 31, complete an ID Form, take photos of tagged animal, and send photos along with the form back to Extension Office no later than January 7th, 2022. If your steer already has an EIN Tag, simply complete the ID Form and submit pictures of your steer.

The form includes DETAILED instructions about what photos are needed and how to submit them to the office.

ID Forms completed after January 7th will be assessed a $10 late fee and could be ineligible for fair competition. There will be no Steer Weigh-In for 2022.
Click here to download the fillable Steer ID Form


The Ohio State Fair requires all market beef entered in the 2022 Ohio State Fair to have individual DNA samples taken from each animal that may potentially be entered. These DNA samples must be in the possession of the Ohio State Fair by January 15.  Click here to view the document containing sample collection instructions. The document also contains the instructions that will be a part of each sample collection kit, and contact the Ohio State Fair, if you have any questions (Virgil Strickler, V.Strickler@expo.ohio.gov).

OSU Extension Putnam County has DNA Sample Kits while supplies last.