March 9, 2021 - 12:00am --

Recent announcements by the US packing industry have indicated, in response to export requirements and consumer feedback, that packing entities will no longer purchase pigs fed Ractopmaine beginning in early 2020. This change will affect the marketability of exhibition swine for many county fairs across Ohio.

The packer decisions to remove Ractopmaine fed pigs from their supply chain reflects primarily the restrictions placed on pork destined for export markets. Export markets currently reflect greater than 25% of the value of the US pork, a market that is necessary for US swine producers to compete internationally and to maintain profitability across the pork chain.

As these new requirements are implemented, it was time for Fair Boards to determine options for marketing exhibition swine from local and county fairs. The packer challenges are real, in that a single positive test in an export container can result in an entire container/shipment being lost, with no payment for product and all the associated costs of shipment bore by the packer. Not a situation anyone wishes to encounter.

As a result of the conditions and climate mentioned above, exhibitors will have to sign an affidavit stating they did not feed ractopamine thus the animal is ractopamine (meaning never ever fed). This will be collected with the DUNF Form at the fair. Click here to download the Ractopamine Free Affidavit.

Ractopamine Free Swine Project Fact Sheet