April 7, 2021 - 8:10am -- meyer.524@osu.edu

All exhibitors showing market animals including lactating dairy cows and goats at the 2021 Putnam County Fair must attend Quality Assurance. Dairy feeders and Beef feeders exhibitors are not required to attend.

If you missed the QA sessions offered in Putnam County you can still attend QA zooms in Allen, Henry or Defiance Counties. Please go to their websites for detailed information. www.allen.osu.edu, www.henry.osu.edu, www.defiance.osu.edu.

We are offering rabbit and poulty QA on Satuday morning, April 24 in the rabbit/poultry barn on the fairgrounds. Please call the office to reserve your spot.

Web based Online Training Option - Any Putnam County youth exhibitor (8‐18) may take the online YQCA certification. http://yqca.org/ Approximate cost is $12 per child and a completion certificate must be submitted to our office for each youth. Certificates have individual completion numbers so one certificate cannot be used for all youth in the same family. Last day to complete Putnam youth YQA will be May 9, 2021. Must have done 45 days prior to fair. Note: The BQA/PQA online courses do not meet the Ohio Youth Food Animal QA certification requirement. QA calendar year (October 1st – September 31st).