Local Opportunities

Junior Leaders 

This is a county-wide 4-H youth organization whose basic goal is to develop leadership and provide community service. This group provides assistance to advisor's and younger members in their local club as well. Members must be at least a freshman in high school (15 -19 years old) and have successfully completed one year of 4-H Club work in order to join JL. Last year over 45 teens participated in Junior Leadership. Jr. Leaders in the past have sponsored officer training, and visited nursing homes, 

2021 Junior Leadership Meetings
Dates & Time

January 21  -  7:30PM  (Kalida K of C)
February 18  -  7:30PM  (Kalida K of C)
March 18  -  7:30PM  (Kalida K of C) 
April 15  -  7:30PM  (Kalida K of C)
           May 20  -  7:30PM  (Meeting Place TBA)

Junior Fair Board

Junior Fair Board Application

Advisor Recommendation Form

The mission of this organization is to conduct and promote the Junior Fair programs of Putnam County through 4-H and FFA Leadership. The Junior Fairboard is open to all 4-H youth who are currently in grades 9 through 12. It is a great opportunity to help coordinate events at the Putnam County Fair and to be a part of a dynamic team of older 4-H/FFA members!

To apply for the Junior Fairboard you will need to fill out an application have your club advisor fill out the recommendation form and return both forms to the Extension office by 4:30 PM on December 4, 2020. You will also need to call the Extension and make an appointment for your interview. Interviews will be held on December 21 and 22. 

2021 Jr. Fairboard Meetings
Dates & Time

January 21 - 6:00PM   (Meeting place Kalida K of C)
February 18 - 6:00PM  (Meeting place Kalida K of C)
March 18 - 6:00PM   (Meeting place Kalida K of C)
April 15 - 6:00PM  (Meeting place Kalida K of C)
May 20 - 6:00PM  (Meeting place TBA)
June 11 - 9:30AM    Workday at the Fairgrounds   
June 17 - 6:00PM   (Meeting place TBA)

Camp Counselor

Camp Counselor Application

Youth that are at least current freshman in high school, desiring to be a Camp Counselor need to submit an application form to the Extension Office by December 4, 2020. You must call the Extension office to schedule an interview. The camp counselor interviews will be held on December 21 & 22. Individuals need to be able to display leadership abilities, cooperate in a group, and assist in planning the camp program. Due to the planning involved, counselors must be committed to attending all meetings. (Counselors selected will be responsible for paying a portion of their camp fee)

2021 Camp Counselor Meetings

Date & Time

Date & Time - Subject to change

February 25 - 6:00PM (Meeting place Kalida K of C)
March 25 - 6:00PM (Meeting place Kalida K or C)
April 5 - 10:00AM (Meeting place Kalida K of C)
April 22 - 6:00PM (Meeting place Kalida K of C)
May 27 - 6:00PM (Meeting place TBA)
June 7 - 10:00AM (Meetiing place TBA)
July 6 - 10:00 AM (Meeting place TBA) 
July 8 - 10:00AM (Meeting place TBA)


If you would like to be a instructor for our local CARTeens group please call the Extension Office. We have a meeting every other month on the 2nd Tuesday starting at 6:30. 

State Opportunities 

Ohio 4-H Scholarships

State 4-H Fashion Board

Leadership Washington Focus

Teen Leadership Council